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  1. ister and avid supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey
  2. ister and human rights activist who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement.He is best known for his time spent as a vocal spokesman for the Nation of Islam.. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Michigan, Malcolm X spent his teenage years living in a series of foster homes.
  3. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is the story Malcolm tells of his experiences and of his own growth. Alternatively, it is the story of his education. That education is not a standard one, with typical schooling. It is rather an education in racism, on the streets, and out in the world - but Malcolm is consistent in his efforts to learn from his experiences and to make an education, however.
  4. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X
  5. - Malcolm X Quotes on Education and Life . 50. We cannot think of uniting with others, until after we have first united among ourselves. We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. - Malcolm X . 51. Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights

what was the level of education for Malcolm X Malcolm Dropped out of middle school on 1940. later on in prison he met a guy named John Elton Bembry who inspired Malcolm to get educated by reading. Malcolm X (2015). The Autobiography of Malcolm X, p.187, Ballantine Books Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today Malcolm X was an African American civil rights leader prominent in the Nation of Islam. Until his 1965 assassination, he vigorously supported Black nationalism

Malcolm X (født Malcolm Little (født 19. mai 1925 i Omaha i Nebraska i USA, død 21. februar 1965 i Harlem i New York City), også kjent som el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (arabisk: ٱلْحَاجّ مَالِك ٱلشَّبَازّ ‎) var en amerikansk borgerrettighetsforkjemper, tidligere predikant for Nation of Islam og tilhenger av svart nasjonalisme Malcolm X, the Prison Years: The Relentless Pursuit of Formal Education 185 That Malcolm was incarcerated as a young man is widely known. He spent six and a half years in three Massachusetts state prisons, from 26 February 1946 to 7 August 1952. Malcolm Little mug shot. Prison file of Malcolm Little, Massachusetts Department of Correction

Malcolm X quotes about education and reading. 39. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X. 40. Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights. It is the means to help our children and thereby increase self-respect. - Malcolm X 41 This message holds true Still to this very day Relying on books, Malcolm X gave himself a high school and college education—all while locked behind bars. When asked by a British writer about his alma mater, Malcolm X answered, Books. The response would have surprised anyone who knew him growing up—when he was still known as Malcolm Little, before he joined the Nation of Islam, before he went to jail Malcolm X (May 19, 1925-February 21, 1965) was a prominent figure during the Civil Rights era. Offering an alternative view to the mainstream Civil Rights movement, Malcolm X advocated for both the establishment of a separate Black community (rather than integration) and the use of violence in self-defense (rather than non-violence)

Malcolm X , original name Malcolm Little, Muslim name el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, (born May 19, 1925, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. —died February 21, 1965, New York, New York ), African American leader and prominent figure in the Nation of Islam who articulated concepts of race pride and black nationalism in the early 1960s Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. His father, a Baptist minister, was an outspoken follower of Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), the black nationalist leader what was the level of education for Malcolm x Malcolm Dropped out of middle school on 1940. later on in prison he met a guy named John Elton Bembry who inspired Malcolm to get educated by reading. The Self-Education of Malcolm X By Eric Moberg January 1, 2006 ABSTRACT In Alex Haley's Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965), Haley recounts the life of an historical personage of enduring controversy. Whether one reveres or reviles Malcolm, X, Little, his is a fascinating story of lifelong learning. Rather than conforming to on

Malcolm X was a controversial African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. To many, he was a courageous advocate for black rights who spoke the truth. To others, he was a racist who used his charisma to promote violence. Here are 18 facts about the man Malcolm X — 'Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

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  1. The mural highlights key historical events of Malcolm X's life that Dr. Shabazz found important to preserve for future generations. Today The Shabazz Center is not a museum, but rather a functional and operational space that is both a living memorial and a space for education, culture and activism
  2. Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X both were African Americans who struggled to be successful. Frederick was born a slave for life 1817 he didn't go to school but wanted to have knowledge. He had a lot of obstacles in his path but the fact he wanted to learn to read and write keep him going though he wanted to give up sometimes
  3. Occupation: Minister, Activist Born: May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska Died: February 21, 1965 in Manhattan, New York Best known for: A leader in the Nation of Islam and his stance against racial integration Biography: Where did Malcolm X grow up? Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925. His family moved around often while he was a kid, but he spent much of his childhood in.
  4. Malcolm X was a leader in the civil rights movement until his assassination in 1965. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is still a widely read work of nonfiction
  5. ister and human rights activist. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms. Born: 19 May 1925, Assassinated: 21 February 1965
  6. Malcolm X was an African American convict who, during his prison sentence, educated himself past the eighth grade level to the understanding of the Civil Rights of African Americans. It all began when he was sentenced to a term at Charlestown Prison. He met a man named Bimbi who was far more educated than Malcolm

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Analysis Of Malcom X's A Homemade Education. After, being sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years, Malcolm X took that time to self- educate himself and in his essay, A Homemade Education, he informs his readers of his background and how he became the man he was Malcolm X: A Homemade Education It was because of my letters that I happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education. I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote, especially those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X's tactics attacked the mentality inherent in consciences that had let this situation go on for so long--a mentality that has caused racism and discrimination to persist covertly. For his defection, Malcolm X was assassinated. Some of his writings are The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965), Malcolm X Talks to Young People (1969), and Malcom X on Afro-American Unity (1970). A Homemade Education is from Malcolm X's autobiography, which was written with Alex Haley

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  1. Malcolm X was shot dead at a party meeting in Harlem on 21st February, 1965. Three Black Muslims were later convicted of the murder. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, based on interviews he had given to the journalist, Alex Haley, was published in 1965
  2. Get an answer for 'What did Malcolm X mean by homemade education in his essay Homemade Education? What did he learn?' and find homework help for other Literature questions at eNote
  3. MALCOLM X shattered the conservative rules of American politics in the early 1960s. His ruthless criticism of the racist white liberals who tried to manipulate the civil rights movement into.
  4. gham Jail By Martin Luther King Jr. 1796 Words | 8 Pages. perseverance and persistence is exemplified through the works of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Maya Angelou who are defying social norms by revolting against racial injustice and educational inequality
  5. Malcolm X: A Homemade Education from The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965) It was because of my letters that I happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education. I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote, especially to Mr. Elijah Muhammad

Malcolm X Questions and Answers - Discover the eNotes.com community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Malcolm X Malcolm X once said education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. From adolescence to adulthood almost every person is put through schooling. As one gets older in age, the education they obtain becomes more rigorous in order to stretch their minds far beyond two plus two or what color the sky is Malcolm X's writing style is also very apparent of his homemade education. The words all flow together and go with another through understanding the dictionary and absorbing the material Malcolm X's usage of each word feels very selective as if there is a lot of thought put into just one sentence As the nation's most visible proponent of Black Nationalism, Malcolm X's challenge to the multiracial, nonviolent approach of Martin Luther King, Jr., helped set the tone for the ideological and tactical conflicts that took place within the black freedom struggle of the 1960s. Given Malcolm X's abrasive criticism of King and his advocacy of racial separatism, it is not surprising that. When Malcolm X was isolated from all of his hustler friends in prison, he was able to focus on studying. He managed to get himself an education before you could get a college degree in prison. I am not ashamed to say how little learning I have had, Mr. Muhammad told me

Born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, Malcolm X was one of the most articulate and powerful leaders of black America during the 1960s. A street hustler convicted of robbery in 1946, he spent seven. Even though Malcolm X has gone through his life in The Autobiography of Malcolm X believing that money and reputation are power, he discovers the value of education when he is in prison. His self-made education enables him to spread the message of the Nation of Islam to a wide audience and make friends he never thought he'd make Malcolm X a Homemade Education Elizabeth Terry Biology 101-06 MWF at 3:00 November 14, 2011 Research paper DOWN SYNDROME Down syndrome is the most common cause of mental retardationDow Malcolm X really suggested that blacks should have their own society, community, and education. Thus, his goal was to separate white and black people completely. In this era, 1969, in the United States, there was a famous movement, a civil rights movement for racial assimilation, or to bring the races, whites and blacks, together in peace

Harold Washington Harry S Truman Kennedy-King Malcolm X Olive-Harvey Richard J. Daley Wilbur Wright. Astronomy. ASTROMY 201 Descriptive Astronomy Descriptive survey of major astronomical facts, concepts. Shop the Malcolm X Legacy Official Apparel store for the latest T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Artwork, and More

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465 quotes from Malcolm X: 'You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.', 'My alma mater was books, a good library.... I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.', and 'I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against Malcolm X a Homemade Education just from $13,9 / page. get custom paper. Individuals who are mosaic for trisomy 21 typically have less sever sign and symptoms of the disorder. Another are location that can cause down syndrome is called a chromosome translocation

Malcolm X's speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem (December 13, 1964) as quoted in Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements edited by George Breitman (p. 93), 1965. 95 Copy quote Learn to see, listen, and think for yourself Malikah is one of the twin daughters of Malcolm X. Malikah and her twin sister Malaak were born on September 30, 1965, just a few months after the assassination of Malcolm X. Unlike her other siblings, Malikah's adult life has been fraught by a number of personal and financial difficulties A long-awaited biography, Manning Marable's Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, came out in 2011, and readers eager to learn about the icon of black masculinity faced unexpected scenes. A teenag Malcolm Little, connu sous le nom de Malcolm X, également connu sous le nom d'El-Hajj Malek El-Shabazz (en arabe : الحاج مالك الشباز), né le 19 mai 1925 à Omaha et mort assassiné le 21 février 1965 à Harlem (État de New York), est un orateur, prêcheur, porte-parole de la Nation of Islam, militant politique et défenseur des droits de l'homme afro-américain

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in Nebraska on May 19, 1925. His father was a Baptist preacher who was involved in the Black Nationalism movement Malcolm X Quotes Education. Free Daily Quotes. Subscribe Malcolm X — American Activist born on May 19, 1925, died on February 21, 1965 Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little and also known as el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, was an American Muslim minister and a human rights activist. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights. 16 Inspirational Malcolm X Quotes on Education, Love and Freedom (Any Means Necessary) We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience , and patience creates unity Malcolm X was one of the most passionate and insightful voices of social change in American history. Read on to learn more about the life of a man who influenced so many others in a time of upheaval Malcolm X, a True Self Made Man. Alex Haley, the writer of Malcolm X's biography knew that to succeed in America, a person must be educated. Without education it is almost impossible to achieve the self made man ideology (SMMI). In Malcolm's case he achieved the SMMI without the help of a formal education.Malcolm X's use of self education, coupled with religious inspiration and guidance, led.

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Malcolm X sent all of us a message through his life and his life's work. Stamps are affixed to envelopes that contain messages, and when we receive an envelope with this particular stamp on it hopefully it is a message that will speak again to the conscience of this nation CannonDesign completed the design for Malcom X College located in Chicago, Illinois.. At its core, the Malcolm X College in Chicago is a remarkable pipeline for healthcare employment. Located in the near west side neighborhood of Chicago and near the Illinois Medical District, the School of Health Sciences is a strategic response to the rapid evolution of healthcare in America Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska. His father, a Baptist minister, was an outspoken follower of Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), the black nationalist leader. (A nationalist is a person who promotes one nation's culture and interests over all others. Malcolm X College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, is a two-year college located on the Near West Side of Chicago, Illinois. It was founded as Crane Junior College in 1911 and was the first of the City Colleges. From 1934 to 1969, it was called Theodore Herzl Junior College, and located in the North Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago's West Side Education Radio: Malcolm X's The Ballot or The Bullet Topics malcolm x. In 1964, Malcolm X told us that we were at a critical juncture in the fight for freedom. He was right about that. In July of that year President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act

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One of the most prominent twentieth-century figures in the struggle for African-American civil rights, Malcolm X is best known for being a minister in the Nation of Islam and a fierce advocate of Black Nationalism. That being said, this cultural icon was nothing if not intellectually dynamic, and his ideology developed significantly over the course of his life Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist. Many have called him one of the greatest, most influential African Americans in history. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; detractors [ Malcolm X was a huge believer in reading to learn. However, when applied to business, you can use this quote to include many other forms of learning and not just academic education. Constantly improving yourself, learning new skills, and learning how your business should operate will all contribute to giving you a better future Homemade education is about Malcolm X teaching himself how to read and write while being in prison. He starts with a dictionary and just copies all of it by hand to learn it better. As he became more fluent with reading and writing, he discovered that the dictionary is also a mini encyclopedia. He starte The white man, Malcolm says, is extremely clever and good at getting his enemies to work against each other so that he can advance his own economic and political interests. However, a superiority complex also keeps him from seeing that he acts in a racist way towards non-whites. As proof, Malcolm cites the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, while German Americans were largely.

High quality Malcolm X gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours But Malcolm X suggests that there is a path to follow in order to reach our desired futures: education. Education equips and prepares us to create the futures about which we have always dreamed. At Opportunity International, we know all about dreams

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malcolm x, and the power of education In the article, Coming to an Awareness of Language by Malcolm X, he does more than just describe how he learned how to read and write. As I have read the article about three times trying to get a better understanding on his major points, I became more self aware that his essay can be defined and viewed in more than just one aspect Absent from discussions of Malcolm X's contribution to the modern black freedom movement is his critique of black education, which was based on his life experiences. Explicates his critique of major educational issues facing blacks during the height of his leadership in the 1950-60s. Illuminates the importance of situating Malcolm X within the historical tradition of black intellectual activism ©Film Education 6 What happens to Malcolm during that period (in prison, the second phase) is a rebirth. We are The fact that the film 'MALCOLM X' is based on the book The Autobiography of Malcolm X means that what we see is twice removed from the actual events Malcolm X The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then you'll get action A Homemade Education By Malcolm X. How did Malcolm X's early experiences in life influence his approach as a Civil Rights leader? 3 Comments * * MHS Student on August 15, 2012 Reply Christian Alex Amezquita- Malcolm X has had a lot of events happen early in his life that has affected/shaped him throughout his entire life. For example, there was that time when the welfare workers came to.

Transcription of 1963 comments of Malcolm X, American black civil rights leader: Following is text of introductory statement by brilliant patriot who made this entire Malcolm X/Griffin/Bezmenov You Tube presentation possible and available to the American public at this critical point in United States history Malcolm X describes his self-education in his autobiography (Haley, 1992). After a misspent youth which included drugs and hustling on the street, Malcolm X found himself in jail. He struggled with his literacy problems, and then he came upon a novel approach

This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions. Tes Global Ltd is registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ Malcolm X's family continued to suffer tragedy in the wake of his assassination. In fact, one of his daughters, Qubilah, has led a dramatic life full of tragedy and accusation Unfortunately, Malcolm X's views on education--and the impact of his revolutionary spirit on educational movements after his death--have been largely ignored except for a few essays, which include an outline by Hurst (1972) almost three decades ago, and a recent collection of essays edited by Theresa Perry (1996), which emphasize how Malcolm X's life was the embodiment of how literacy could be. Malcolm X said, When I had progressed to really serious reading, every night at about ten P. M. I woul d be outraged with the lights out. Whereas Richard Wright didn't know what he was reading Malcolm X had difficulties finding the right 'time to read Is THIS what you have to show with a high school education--AND the ability to enroll in college?! (For the record, I think Malcolm X wrote better than me when I was in college--at least, until I got to graduate school.) I want this chance for him to address my students because Malcolm X became an outstanding writer and speaker

Malcolm X, originally Malcolm Little, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. After moving to the Midwest with his family at a young age, he suffered great tragedy with the alleged suicide of his father and the subsequent institutionalization of his mother. After spending his remaining childhood years in. Malcolm X's early life and ambition were driven to extremes by an event that occurred during his high school education. Aspiring to become a lawyer, he shared his dream with the class, only to be shot down by his teacher, who claimed that a 'nigger' couldn't possible become a lawyer 16 Malcolm X College jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Adjunct Instructor, Security Officer, Adult Education Teacher and more

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One of the most influential African Americans in history, Malcolm X was a charismatic human rights activist and an American Muslim minister. Here are 20 Malcolm X quotes to inspire you to take control over your life Education Essay Citation X Malcolm. Related Authors. That education is not a standard one, with typical schooling. Contributor: Haley, Alex. X, Malcolm. 1925 Malcolm X is born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska.; 1947 Joins the Nation of Islam while serving an 8 to 10 year prison sentence in Massachusetts jails on charges of grand larceny and breaking and entering.; 1952 Released on parole. Following Malcolm X's assassination, the women who supported him throughout his life worked tirelessly to keep his legacy alive. His widow Betty Shabazz was especially influential in this regard

Malcolm X began working with acclaimed author Alex Haley on an autobiography in the early-1960s. The book was about Malcolm X's life experiences and his evolving views on racial pride, Black Nationalism, and pan-Africanism. The autobiography was published in 1965 after his assassination Malcolm X, the African American leader in the civil rights movement, minister and supporter of black nationalism, urged his fellow black Americans to protect themselves against white aggression by any means necessary. While his stance was controversial for some, his quote rings true for many, including those in the spa and wellness industry today MALCOLM X: A Homemade Education No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom Press F11 Select menu option View > Enter Fullscreen for full-screen mod Introduction Years after the deaths of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, the two men still remain fixed images in the American consciousness: Martin Luther King, Jr., an advocate of nonviolence, delivering his I Have a Dream speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and Malcolm X, the black nationalist, encouraging African Americans to fight racial oppression by any means.

Education and Childhood. In 1938, Malcolm X was kicked out of school and sent to a juvenile detention home in Mason, Michigan. The white couple who ran the home treated him well, but he wrote in his autobiography that he was treated more like a pink poodle or a pet canary than a human being Find more resources for teaching about Malcolm X at the Zinn Education Project, including A People's History of Muslims in the United States: What Textbooks and the Media Miss and This Day in History, Feb. 21, 1965: Malcolm X Assassinated. See more related titles on these lists: Black History, Civil Rights Teachin

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Malcolm X, one of the most influential black leaders of the twentieth century, found his life's calling in jail. During the seven years he spent in Massachusetts state prisons, Malcolm X joined the Black Muslims, educated himself, and became an outspoken defender of black nationalism Malcolm X Quotes Education Malcolm X Quotes Education. The only way we'll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world. We are blood brothers to the people of Brazil, Venezuelan Haiti and Cuba. I am neither a fanatic nor a dreamer. I am a black man who loves peace, and justice, and loves his. Liste des citations de Malcolm X classées par thématique. La meilleure citation de Malcolm X préférée des internautes. Retrouvez toutes les phrases célèbres de Malcolm X parmi une sélection de + de 100 000 citations célèbres provenant d'ouvrages, d'interviews ou de discours. Lisez le TOP 10 des citations de Malcolm X pour mieux comprendre sa vie, ses actes et sa philosophie On March 26, 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X met briefly by chance as they were waiting for a press conference. The differences between them and the movements they represented are often oversimplified in textbooks

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Malcolm X once said, Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today(Malcolm X Quotes pg. 1). A variety of people around the world dream of being Doctors and politicians; however, they have no evidence to prove.. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. February 1965: The Final Speeches (Malcolm X speeches & writings) (Studies

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This lesson teaches kids all about Malcolm X and how his childhood influenced him to become one of America's most well known, controversial, and revolutionary figures. First kids will listen to a read-aloud authored by Malcolm X's daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, and then they will write an informative paragraph Malcolm X Academy of Education and Leadership, Los Angeles, California. 98 likes. Malcolm X Academy provides a caring and safe learning environment with small class-sizes for our diverse students Malcolm X does a great job telling about his self-education in prison, and he even does a great job presenting his ideas about how white people have been oppressive over the years. However, the latter part does not belong in this article. As the piece goes on,. Malcolm X. 5. Education is an important element in the struggle for human rights. It is the means to help our children and thereby increase self-respect. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. Malcolm X. 6. If you have no critics you'll likely have no success. Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, nacido como Malcolm Little y conocido como Malcolm X (Omaha, 19 de mayo de 1925-Nueva York, 21 de febrero de 1965) fue un orador, ministro religioso y activista estadounidense.Fue un defensor de los derechos de los afroestadounidenses, un hombre que acusó duramente a los estadounidenses blancos de sus crímenes contra sus compatriotas negros. [2

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Malcolm X: Homemade education source analysis Method The method used in A Homemade Education is historical How it relates to other works Malcolm X's essay a homemade education most closely resembles the work of C. H. Knoblauch in his Literacy and the Politics of Education Buy 'Malcolm X quoteWithout education' by GetItGiftIt as a A-Line Dress, Acrylic Block, Art Print, Bath Mat, Throw Blanket, Canvas Mounted Print, Canvas Print, Chiffon Top, Classic T-Shirt, Clock, Coasters, Sleeveless Top, Drawstring Bag,. When Malcolm was released from jail in 1952 he change his last name to X. Malcolm X was a smart, focused student and graduated from junior high at the top of his class. However when a favorite teacher told malcolm his dreams of becoming a lawyer was no realistic goal a niggar, Malcolm lost interest in school Une école ségréguée est une école contrôlée par des gens qui se moquent bien de l'éducation. - Une citation de Malcolm X Malcolm X Quotes By Topic; Truth (4) Education (4) Power (3) Respect (2) Racism (2) Success (2) Islam (2) Activism (2) Peace (2) Revolution (2) Purpose (1) Integrity (1) Living (1) Accomplishment (1) College (1 — Malcolm X It is the process of mis-education that inhibits the full potential of a nation. I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.-because you can hardly mention anything I am not curious about

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