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PAGE THEME #11: ABOUT III - madthms aka madpal. this theme is a lot like my last page theme, very simple. i mean it's p self explanatory what it comes with, 4 links and an about box. yay! preview // cod #page themes #muse page #tumblr themes #tumblr pages #muse theme #idk how to tag any of this shit and i don't think i'll ever figure it out #chaaoscodes #i've had this sitting around for like 2 weeks #i just was too lazy to finish the preview #anyway next code? will either be a sage revamp or like an isotope filtering thing #depending on my. #rp theme #page theme #indie theme #rph #rpt #idk how to tag this omg pls reblog to spread word instead <3 #pages #jai.html #any questions please head over to my inbox and ill try my best to answer ! 233 note

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  1. A Tumblr theme will help you to improve the experience of your Tumblr blog. These free Tumblr themes bring in a lot of features, design styles, responsive interface, and much more.. You can also go about and edit the themes by adjusting the raw HTML codes that go into building them
  2. page theme by osvaldrps. by clicking the source link you'll be redirected to the preview and download links for a simple custom page theme (dark and light versions) that i've made and used for my gif pack navigation ( @osvaldrpstoo). fonts: mulish by google fonts + font awesome icons.. optional: box shadow, rounded corners, text/background color, everything, just read instructions in the.
  3. A decidedly effed-up Tumblr theme. Randomly places && rotates page elements. Like/reblog buttons are not placed with their posts for chance-based social interaction, interface is click-and-drag. $49. 18 Hours. by askfuse
  4. The answer to this question is answered in the theme preview, but I'll repeat the instructions here ^^ 1. Link to a Direct Page Scroll down the customize window until you find Add a page. If your page is an already existing one, just select it
  5. Change colors from customization page, customize links and you're done. NOTE: Do not redistribute this widget or remove the credits. Edit as long as you keep the credits intact. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. If you want a custom theme/page you can commission me. Thanks for using my widget, I hope that you enjoy it
  6. themes, pages and resource blog by melissa. tags page by taezs. a simple tags/navigation page with a couple of customisable options, most notibly that you can either lay it out in a grid or masonry format depending on what looks best with the amount of tags listed. there is also the option of a search bar. this is my first code i'm releasing in six (!!!!!) years so if i'm way behind on.

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04.27 new theme! gravity (hiatus theme) new page! all in one page 03.14 new theme! etgs I'm not sure how often I'll be on tumblr these days but I still like making themes. I have theme ADD, so I have a few that are like ¾ths done so hopefully I'll just finish those up and have them out minimal tumblr themes and pages by bebe. seyche. theme six: holly — header/sidebar theme as requested by an anon. you can choose either a header or a sidebar on the index page, and you can choose one or multiple columns.. previews: header with grid, sidebar with one column, permalink / code: pastebin, github features and options: responsive ; header or sidebar on index page. sidebar on. #themes #page theme #about theme #t: theme #t: page #t: about #if i ever make any more on this blog lmao dOUBTFUL bc i've been too lazy to create any full blown themes lately o o p s #but i've been in such a 50s mood lately and wanted to make a pastel theme thing but i was just not in the mood to create a full one #and needed to change my about anyway soo

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Sejam bem vindos ao nevalisca themes. Aqui você pode encontrar meus materiais: themes, skins, backgounds e tutoriais (simples). Se pegar algum material aqui me avise e/ou dê like na postagem, não.. link to code is on the preview page (so that tumblr will let this post show up in the tags) additional detailed instructions, and credits in code # page theme # fic rec page # theme hunter # coding cabin # custom page # ebro themes # ebro pages # ebro fic rec. Aug 26, 2020. 427 notes

Terms of Use: ♡ Please do not remove the theme credit. ♡ You may edit my themes but please respect my original designs; do not alter them to the point where they. Find your next Tumblr theme or learn to make your own from our variety of sources. We reblog themes of all styles, tutorials and scripts for all your theme needs. theme-hunter. Theme Hunter tumblr's #1 source for themes & theme-making. index faq submit themes report theft

PAGE 03 - NAVIGATION. clean and simple design; 15 customizable links; customizable background image (find other background images here) please reblog/like if you end up using this page. preview - code - theme blo You cannot take bits of my themes/pages and use them in your own works, whether it's from my published codes or from my page source. You cannot use my works on sites that are not tumblr. You can edit my codes however you'd like as long as it's for your own personal use only

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But I've been working on a new theme so hopefully I can finish that sometime in the next weeks and publish something again! I might also do a page or two at some point So yeah, I'm still here (lurking) and I don't plan on giving up coding - it's just that currently other things are my priority navigation/tag pages - masterlist • a—themes • a-thaisce • alliecatisallama - code • alliecatisallama2 - code • allisons-themes • amyoveryou - code. Dont get it twisted you're just another nigga in the hit list 001 you get three pages in this pack (duh): a bio page, a muses page and a navigation page (i made this last one thinking about rp mains, but you can adapt it to an indie too). edit the theme as much as you want, rlly. but as long as there's a trace of the original one, please dont remove the credit and of course, don't repost and claim as your own page-themes. index message tags archive theme. A place where you can find all the page codes you need. I track #pagethemes Need help? Questions

Keep in mind that the theme might not show up correctly on the page you edit your theme on, especially some things like fonts and some parts may overlap. Check your actual blog instead. If that doesn't work, try installing one of the default tumblr themes, refresh the page, and install the theme again network page: ponyboy read: the outsiders by s. e. hinton. preview // code. this is my first code—i decided to start with something simpler than a theme—and i'm a bit nevous, but i hope you like it. 3 columns; 100 x 100 images; expanding description

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Totally amazing tumblr theme to display portfolio projects or grid style photography images with these multiple page layouts is worth taking a look. Choose between infinite online scrolling customizable column width, social icon display on homepage, 2 hover styles and many more features PHU7UR3 is a Tumblr theme with a futuristic design. It's one of best designed dark Tumblr themes we've seen in a while. The theme comes with an animated background, a stylishly designed grid-based post layout, Google Analytics, Disqus comments, and much more. It's perfect for making a Tumblr blog that stands out from the crowd Here you will find themes, pages and resources for your tumblr. I offer theme/page commissions but also free themes, headers, tutorials and various resources for coders/designers. Feel free to send me a message for any theme/design support or theme suggestions A collection of stunning and advanced themes designed for Tumblr. Explore over twenty different themes and best of all they are all free

Learn how to create Tumblr themes with HTML and CSS from scratch with a free book. buildthemes. Build Themes Learn how to make Tumblr themes Start reading About Build Themes. Build Themes is a free book which teaches Tumblr theme development So yesterday i was happily editing the theme of my tumblr blog and everything was working fine. Go into same blog to day and it brings up thsi when i click save: Un oh! We could't save your theme. Looks like your custom theme references assets from non-HTTPS Urls. Please try again using only HTTPS Urls Links to pages like an about page, tag page, other blogs, etc. I'm planning on making a major update for this theme soon, though. It'll have more clear options and it'll be a more versatile theme in general. But not sure when I'll finish/release the update yet. I'll post something both here and on the theme blog when it's almost done

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scottisbae:. theme 177 by scottisbae.static preview — pastebin or google docs. links: 4; they are the last four icons and when you hover them you get a title (link and tittle are customized in the appearance ). you can change those icons if you want, simple going to font awesome, open the icon you desire and copy the i class. to put on the theme, search for the div class. PAGE THEME - 01 - Ensueño. PREVIEW | DOWNLOAD Features include icon two columns links in both columns quote (+ link-back to homepage) on bottom. Notes - First page ever! It is meant to match the Ensueño tumblr theme. Icon credits to Kat at 99MB, all her icons are so beautiful. You are free to replace any colours, add backgrounds, images. If you purchase this theme, full image customization is available. This character page and masterlist page has a funky design that can be easily used together, or with other pages to create a unique look. Both are contained pages. The masterlist page has a simple topbar, with a scrollable character container for an infinite amount of characters

First, we'll show you how to use a theme from the Tumblr themes directory! How To Change Tumblr Themes. Here's how you can change your default theme into a different theme from the Tumblr themes directory. Step 1: Click on the Account icon on the top-right corner. Step 2: Select Edit Appearance. Step 3: Then click on Edit Theme butto Add content to your page. Type in the content you want to have on the page, or click the camera icon to select photos/videos to upload. You can format typed content on this page by selecting it and then clicking one of the text options above the text window (e.g., B to bold). If you're using the Redirect layout, just enter the URL for the page that you want to link to in the Redirect to field

typical theme rules apply: like/reblog if you use, don't steal, you can edit in any way as long as you don't use it as a base, ect. if you have any questions, ask me and i'll try and answer. lmk if there's anything wrong in the code! the unnested captions will probably look weird in the tumblr preview, so you'll have to look at them on your blog. however, i wasn't able to test. gif page themes by osvaldrps. by clicking the source link you'll be redirected to the preview and download links for three minimalist themes (dark and light versions for each one) that i've made and used for my gif packs.. fonts: karla, mulish and lora by google fonts. gifs: all made by me.. please, like and/or reblog if using. you may edit them to your liking, but do not use them as a.

Previously theme gods. The Tumblr Theme Directory is a network of tumblr theme makers. Here you can find themes, tutorials, theme makers, and tons of other theme resources. The purpose of this network page is to help you find free unique themes coded by fellow tumblr users Tumblr offers nearly 200 options. Select the Themes tab in the upper-left corner to get started. If you're good with HTML, you can also use this tab to create your own custom theme. See Appendix B for more information about HTML. You can also use this section of your Tumblr menu to edit the following: Title: Give your Tumblr blog a name Os meus ciúmes eram intensos, mas curtos. Com pouco derrubaria tudo. Mas, com o mesmo pouco, ou menos, reconstruiria o céu, a terra e as estrelas Hi! I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate your themes and all the efforts you put into every single one of them! Just like anyone here on tumblr, I suffer a lot choosing the right theme to really express who I am and thanks to you I finally found it. Looking forward to your next creations and wish you all the good luck!╭( ・ㅂ・) Other Centre is a free tumblr blog theme that features a one-column responsive layout. This theme comes with a clutter-free and clean design, which makes it stand out among other Tumblr themes. This theme comes with the o[tin to use your own custom page loader image, and it comes with three loader animations

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Nemurou is a personal project for Amy to experiment with code and design. This blog contains a collection of Tumblr themes and pages she has created. All themes are free for use but please remember to follow the terms and conditions. The inbox is always open to any suggestions, feedback and concerns. Thank you so much for stopping by :- Hi and welcome to your newest source for high quality themes here on Tumblr! Persuasive Themes is part of my (soon to be launched) design site named Persuasive Designs which will be the place to go if you're in need of a high quality design for your fan site! Fan sites, Coppermine galleries, Wordpress blogs, and Tumblr I can do them all, all you need to do is shoot me an email PAGE PACK ONE. page four: hyacinth — an about page with space for facts, a quote, social media links, skill bars, lists of your favourite things, and a moodboard with a colour palette.. preview / code: pastebin, github. page five: narcissus — a tags/navigation page with space for dropdowns and a search bar.. preview / code: pastebin, github. features: both pages are responsive for desktop.

Amazing Dark Tumblr Theme. This amazing dark theme is best used for Tumblr pages that use and post mostly photos and pictures. The theme enables them to capitalize and build the page around these important elements. The grid scheme displays two columns simultaneously which display the posts in a wider view than most black and white Tumblr themes To create a page with a custom layout: Click Add a page in the Pages section of your Customize menu. Select Custom Layout from the dropdown menu. Insert custom code into the HTML Editor. Type a page URL after the slash (/). For example, a manifesto page could be /manifesto and a contact page could be /contact. Add a title in the Page. tumblr themes / coding / resources. intro Welcome to ShuDesigns, previously known as roxiestheme. Here you can find custom themes Tutorial: Customize Header & Avatar on Your Theme Page When customizing our header and avatar image, we usually go to our Edit Appearance page

hello! thank you for your beautiful themes. i am using Character/Network Page 01 right now and wondering if there was a way to make the edges square instead of rounded, and if so, how? <3. yep! just ctrl+f border- radius and change it from 5px to 0px in every instance . 1 year ago / Mar 30, 2019 Tumblr has been a great resource for me, especially in the early stages of my coding career when I was just teaching myself basic HTML and CSS using base codes. To that end, I do not answer customization questions, but I am always happy to help newer theme developers find and use the resources they need to teach themselves to code Bienvenidos a Savage Themes un tumblr especializado en entregarte los mejores themes y todo tipo de pages para armar tu tumblr. Tambien ofrecemos todo tipo de codigos (HTML y CSS) para los amantes del rol y recursos variados como fonts y photoshoot..

You guys can request themes / page ideas and if I feel Inspired I'll go for it! Anyways here's the digs. Theme: Wikipedia About Page by Spectrology ⇢ Preview: - Here ⇢ Code: - Here ⇢ Theme Features - It looks like Wikipedia dude - Sidebar image - Custom links. Please like / reblog this post if you use this theme or plan to Amplify theme + Bands in Town. Amplify theme now supports showing upcoming shows from Bands in Town. To show upcoming shows in the sidebar, simply enter your Artist Name into the Bands in Town Artist Name field.. By default the number of shows that will be displayed is a maximum of 5 This is the place where I post all of my themes, lots and lots of Mark Salling, a lot of Glee, and some random stuff every now and then. | 03.13.2014: Page 020 posted 12.29.2013: Theme 023 posted.. Landing page (28) Contact form (26) Font awesome (26) Projects (26) Starter (25) Minimalistic (24) Search (24) Company (23) Creative (23) Documentation (23) Single page (23) Resume (22) Theme (21) Flexbox (20) Gallery (20) One page (19) Themefisher (19) Pages (18) Presentation (17) Custom themes (16) Hugo templates (16) Technical (16. I hope you could find at least one or two themes that would meet your needs in our collection of free and beautiful Tumblr themes for your Tumblr page. Feel free to download them, experiment and let your inner artist shine out at his best. Cheers, Ondrej

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A pretty neat tumblr theme with a lot of options and big pictures. It supports infinite scrolling. This is the default setting Make your own Tumblr theme | Ep: 9 Fast Linking With a Tags Improving Our Tumblr Theme Navigation and Post Notes; ALTERNATE (Theme Doesn't Support) How to Add Posts to Your Seperate Tumblr Pages [Tutorial] How to create extra pages/links on tumblr. Where to blog Ghost, WordPress, Medium or Tumblr. Related Articles If you are blogger who are looking for vintage theme for Tumblr, then you're on the right spot today. Vintage style is old but never gets old, it's timeless design trend that widely used on website design, graphic design and fashion. Here are some of the best vintage tumblr themes that perfect for any type of [ Or, let's go further and check what fanciful Tumblr themes are available for free. Unlimited Downloads: 1,500,000 Fonts, Freebies & Design Assets. Mood Tumblr Theme by Themelantic Rockwell Minimal Theme by Thejenyuan Norman - Responsive Theme by Thejenyuan Download Now Elise is responsive Tumblr theme with four different posts layouts. Two header styles and many other customization options. Support for Disqus comments, Twitter feed, Flickr feed, Facebook page widget and social media links. Elise theme updated to version 1.8. Theme documentation on this page

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Dimples theme. / Download / Preview 1 / Preview 2 / Preview 3 + One column (big or small), two or three columns + Custom floaties included (flying little images) + Optional borders under permalinks, links and title + Options for solid, dotted or dashed border Tumblr themes, theme recommendations, & coding resources. est. may 2019 affiliates codingcabin tags page by taezs. a simple tags/navigation page with a couple of customisable options,.

hi sorrism, thanks for your twitter inspired theme vertigo! i really love it. anyway the theme have a bug, when you are ask anonymously (logged out) the recaptcha (from tumblr) isnt responsive on ask page, could you fix it please? thank you! :) tbh i think thats more of a tumblr problem as opposed to my theme Tumblr is one of the best platforms to create a photography related blog. You get great looking photography Tumblr themes and amazing audience to showcase your work to.. No matter you are an amateur in the field of photography looking for a platform to showcase your skills or you are an already established photographer who's trying a hand in making a portfolio website These are great for tumblr mobile themes. Animated gifs from videos. Featuring you, your pets, movies, series, etc. Any other thing you need - wallpapers, collages, colorings, photoshoped images, cursors, desktop icons, just ask! If you are interested just message me or fill out this form

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Amazing Animated Ships, Lighthouses and Anchors NauticalMr Cum Fakes: Mila Kunis16 Cute Animal Wedding Cake Toppers – Cheap Unique Holiday43 HD Purple Wallpaper/Background Images To Download For Free

jcnnie: ╰ ° THEME 011: LALISA BY JCNNIE *° so this has long been a dream venture of mine and finally i'm releasing a column theme to the wild ! i kinda went wild with the customization options; there's a good amount of things to personalize including the header, background, sidebar and fonts. i've also added a network page in addition to the navigation tab so in terms of. tumblr has a weird glitch where you have to toggle options on/off before they actually work; please give feedback / report issues; as this is a premium theme, I'll keep this code updated and functional (with top priority over my free themes) for as long as I am active on tumblr; how to get this theme: send me $10 through this link (paypal only glnskyrpt:. GLNSKYRPT THEME #4: UP THE LADDER .:° 。 rules: don't remove or move the credit, don't use as your base code, don't repost and claim as your own, don't take bits from the code for your own themes or pages. i worked really hard on this and i promise i'll find out if you do ! container theme; 250px posts; customizable topbar titl

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