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Blu-ray Disc (BD), often known simply as Blu-ray, is a digital optical disc storage format. It is designed to supersede the DVD format, capable of storing several hours of video in high-definition (HDTV 720p and 1080p). The main application of Blu-ray is as a medium for video material such as feature films and for the physical distribution of video games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4. Blu-ray Disc (BD) er et optisk lagringsmedium utviklet av en gruppe elektronikkselskaper for lagring av store mengder data og avspilling av høyoppløselig film gjennom organisasjonen Blu-Ray Disc Association.Blu-ray konkurrerte med HD DVD om å bli den neste standarden for optiske medier, det vil si etterfølgeren til DVD.Etter at Toshiba den 19. februar 2008 kunngjorde at de avsluttet sin.

Blu-ray Disc (BD) is an optical disc storage medium makkit tae supersede the DVD format. The plastic disc is 120 mm in diameter an 1.2 mm thick, the same size as DVDs an CDs.Ordinar (pre-BD-XL) Blu-ray Discs contain 25 GB per layer, wi dual layer discs (50 GB) bein the industry staundart fur featur-length video discs. Triple layer discs (100 GB) an quadruple layers (128 GB) are available fur. The Blu-ray Wikia is on aim to become the biggest database catalogue of all Blu-ray titles ever released. This will be an extremely difficult task, but with the collective minds from Blu-ray fanatics from all around the world, the mission will be completed sooner rather than later, and will eventually become the number one place to go to find all of your Blu-ray title needs. Join the wikia.

Ultra HD Blu-ray (marketed as 4K Ultra HD) (UHD-BD) is a digital optical disc data storage format that is an enhanced variant of Blu-ray. Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are incompatible with existing standard Blu-ray players (though in most cases, a traditional Blu-ray and digital copy has been packaged with the Ultra HD Blu-ray discs). Ultra HD Blu-ray supports 4K UHD (3840 × 2160 pixel resolution. Launch a Blu-ray software player, such as VLC, and try to play the disc (on VLC, select Media -> Open Disc, then in the Disc tab, chose Blu-ray. Be sure No disc Menus is checked.). The software player will then apply the decryption process described below: The user starts playing a Blu-ray with a video player having libbluray and libaacs support Welcome to the Blu-Ray Wiki... I'm glad you brought it up. Blu-Ray is a beautiful vision of thought in a movie, cartoons, (or other things) in breath taking High Definition. It amazes the human mind to think about it

Blu-ray Disc (forkorting BD) er eit optisk lagringsmedium utvikla av ei gruppe elektronikkselskap, først og fremst for avspeling av høgoppløyst film. Blu-ray konkurrerte med HD-DVD om å verte den neste standarden for optiske medium, det vil seie etterfølgjaren til DVD.Etter at Toshiba 19. februar 2008 uttalte at dei avslutta satsinga si på HD-DVD, var det Blu-ray som vart denne. Disney Blu-ray is the brand name under which Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases its Disney-branded movie titles in the form of high-definition. In late 2006, the DVD boom was beginning to come to an end. As DVD releases began to decrease in price, Disney began to see a major successor to the DVD in Blu-ray.The Blu-ray format had just been announced, blowing away the press, with. Se filmer og serier med best mulig kvalitet, da er det Blu-Ray som gjelder. Særlig på 4K TV er forskjellen enorm mellom full HD DVD og 4K Blu-Ray

Blu-ray Wiki; Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-ray (Limited Deluxe Edition) The Purge Blu-ray; Maleficent Blu-ray; Guardians of the Galaxy 3D Blu-ray; Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray (Diamond Edition) Divergent Blu-ray Lo disc Blu-ray o (en) Blu-ray Disc (abreviacion oficiala BD) es un format de disc numeric brevetat e comercializat per l'industrial japonés Sony permetent de servar e difusar de videogramas de Nauta Definicion.Lo seu nom ven del tipe de rai lasèr qu'espleita, de color espectrala pròcha del blau.. Los primièrs prototipes de discs Blu-ray sortiguèron en octobre de 2000, e lo primièr. Blu-ray Disc is a high-density optical disc format similar to DVD.Blu-ray is the type of disc used for PlayStation 3 games and for playing high-definition (HD) movies. In the past, there were other standards for such movies, such as the HD DVD format. Blu-ray won what is called the format war.. A dual-layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 50GB of data About the wiki. Welcome to the Boutique Blu-Ray Wiki, where we preserve and expand useful wikified lists of boutique blu-ray releases and related subjects

This article is designed to help users to play the Blu-ray discs they have legally purchased. As no official Blu-ray player software is available, Linux users have to use open-source libraries capable of handling the DRM schemes that protect Blu-ray disc contents The Blu-Ray and DVD: Volume 1 Limited Edition set is the first limited DVD & Blu-ray disc released for the Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise. It consists of the first thirteen episodes of the anime and is published by Aniplex. 1 Episodes 1.1 List of Episodes 2 Description 3 Limited Edition Bonus 4 Gallery 5 References 6 Navigation 01. Cruelty (残酷) 02. Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki (育手.

This is a list of all Masters of Cinema Blu-ray releases from Eureka Entertainment in all formats. For a combined list of DVD and Blu-ray releases, see List of Masters of Cinema releases.. The range originally consisted of DVDs but later expanded to Blu-ray discs, which have a separate numbering system Blu-ray is the optical media successor to DVD. As a medium, it is designed to hold more storage. For multimedia, it is intended to store higher quality content than DVDs, such as movies and shows in 720p, 1080p video resolution and higher, plus audio tracks with higher bitrates and number of channels, such as DTS-HD Master

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Blu-ray (countable and uncountable, plural Blu-rays) The Blu-ray Disc format. I've bought some of my old favourites on Blu-ray. 2008, Debra Littlejohn Shinder, Michael Cross, Scene of the Cybercrime In 2007, Pioneer announced the release of a Blu-ray drive that can record data to Blu-ray discs, as well as DVDs and CDs Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a digital optical disc data storage format. It was designed to supersede the DVD format, and is capable of storing several hours of video in high-definition (HDTV 720p and 1080p) and ultra high-definition resolution (2160p). The main application of Blu-ray is as a medium for video material such as feature films and for the physical distribution of video games. Blu-ray er noen nerders versjon av dvd. De kalte det blu-ray for å ikke bli mobbet av skolens mobber Ray Blue. I følge nerdene kan denne skiva vise HD noe som står for Hey Dude. Nok en gang for å ikke bli mobbet av Ray Blue. Popularitet Blu-ray 1080p version began to show up in 2006. However, this logo was presumably used in 2003when Sony unveiled the prototypes of the Blu-ray. The first prototype was released in 1998. The official launch then took place eightyears later. Studios Worldwide: PlayStation Studios North America.. This wiki has been updated 22 times since it was first published in May of 2015. If you and your family enjoy watching movies regularly in the comfort of your own home, take a look at these Blu-ray players

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Blu-ray Disc (BD or Blu-ray) is a digital high-definition (HD) home video entertainment format on the standard 120mm optical discs typically offering 2K HD 1080p resolution digital video, which was developed by a consortium that included, among others, Sony and Philips.Launched in 2006, it competed briefly, but fiercely, in a format war from 2006 to 2008 with HD DVD from competitor Toshiba. IFA 2005 Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Dual Layer 50GB BD-RE (LM-BRM50) (Cartridge) (by HDTVTotalDOTcom).jpg 621 × 688; 259 KB IFA 2005 Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Single Layer 25GB (by HDTVTotalDOTcom).jpg 396 × 311; 139 K Blu-ray of blu-ray disc (BD) is in formaat wêrmei't digitale ynformaasje op in optyske skiif opslein wurde kin. It hat de uterlike foarm fan in rûne skiif mei in diameter fan 120 mm en in tsjûkte fan 1,2 mm, dy't oerienkomt mei de ôfmjittings fan cd's en dvd's.Blu-ray waard ûntwurpen om 'e âldere dvd-skiif te ferfangen, en kin ferskate oeren oan fideobylden opslaan mei de resolúsje high. Disney Blu-ray 3D are Disney Blu-ray movies that can be watched on a 3DHD TV. Not included in the following list are Touchstone Pictures, Marvel Studios, or Lucasfilm films as those release do not contain the Disney Blu-ray 3D label. Disney Digital 3-D Disney Blu-ray DVD Digital Disney Second.. Kjøp DVD- og Blu-ray-spillere direkte fra lagerhylla hos NetOnNet. Vi er nettbutikken som selger elektronikk fra kjente merkevarer til lave priser

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  1. Blu-Ray is the daughter of Archie the Archivist and the sister of HD DVD who appears in Meet the Seer. 1 Appearances 2 Personality 3 History 4 Episode Appearances 5 Trivia 6 Gallery She wears blue sunglasses and is often seen wearing a black ladies business suit with boots. When she transforms into her Blu-Ray form, she looks exactly like Archie but her form is blue, she's the same height as.
  2. The following is a list of Blu-ray disc releases by the BBC, broken down by year of release. It includes the catalogue number for each release, as used on the UK version of each Blu-ray Disc (BD). While the BD format is primarily designed for content produced to high definition standards, upscaled standard definition content can also be distributed using this medium. By taking advantage of the.
  3. ds of Pixar Animation Studios and the acclaimed director of Monsters, Inc. comes a hilariously uplifting adventure where the sky is no longer the limit. Carl Fredricksen, a retired balloon.
  4. Blu-ray- og DVD-spillere. Her viser vi de DVD- og Blu-ray-spillerne du kan kjøpe hos oss. DVD-spillerne håndterer formater som DVD, CD, jpeg, mp3, WMA med flere. Enkelte modeller har HDMI-utgang med mulighet til opalering til 1080p. Koble DVD-spilleren til TV-apparatet for å se på film, lytte til musikk eller se på bilder

L çco blu-ray, tamien coincido cumo BD (de Blu-ray Disc) ye un formato de çco ótico cun 12 cm de diámetro i 1,2 mm de spessura (eigual al CD i al DVD) para bídeo i áudio de alta defeniçon i armazenamiento de dados d'alta densidade. Ye ua altarnatiba al DVD i ye capaç d'armazenar filmes até 1080p Full HD d'até 4 horas an cumpresson cun perda de dados Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a digital optical disc data storage format. It was designed to supersede the DVD format, in that it is capable of storing high-definition (720p and 1080p) and ultra high-definition video resolution (2160p). The plastic disc is 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick, the same size as DVDs and CDs. Conventional (pre-BD-XL) Blu-ray Disc discs contain 25 GB per layer. Wolfgang Petersens <i>Das Boot</i> er en av tidenes mest enestående krigsfilmer, med nøyaktige beskrivelser av elitemannskapet som bemannet Tysklands ubåter under annen verdenskrig. Fra et tysk perspektiv beskrives den håpløse kampen på liv og død, hvor besetningen må kjempe mot endeløse timer i fullstendig ensomhet og desperasjon - og den bunnløse redselen som kommer snikende når.

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Film online - Kjøp DVD og Blu-Ray filmer hos CDON. 4K Ultra HD. Blu-ray. DVD. Filmbokser. Importfilmer. Sjanger. Topplisten. TV-serier. Vis flere DVD & Blu-ray. 3 for 250 kr TV-serier. Fra 79 kr Julefilmer. Fra 79 kr The Crown - Sesong 3. Ute nå. Blu-ray Disc sa mogućnošću višestrukog zapisa podataka zasniva se na phase-change-tehnici. Disk promjera 12 cm obuhvata sa jednim slojem do 27 GB (25,1 GiB), a s dva sloja do 54 GB (50 GiB) podataka. Alternativni izvori spominju kao bruto kapacitet 23,3 GB (21,7 GiB) Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1 is the first volume for Season One of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun and was released on June 24, 2020. It consists of the first six episodes of the anime.1 1 Prices 2 Bonuses 3 Episodes 4 Limited Bonus 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation The DVD totals to an estimated viewing time of 2 hours and 24 minutes. Blu-Ray: ¥18,000 + tax DVD: ¥16,000 + tax Jacket consisting of. Produced by David Production, the 1st season of the TV anime series was released on nine DVDs and Blu-rays from January 30 to September 27, 2013, with the Blu-ray releases having the option of English subtitles. Each volume of the TV Anime features the artwork of two characters on the front and back of the case, while the Limited Edition Blu-Ray's typically come with bonus content. An English. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a Blu-ray release of the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants film of the same name. It was released on March 29, 2011 and re-released on December 30, 2014. 1 Movies 2 Bonus features 2.1 Specials 2.2 Animatics 3 Music videos 3.1 Trailers 4 Trivia 5 Alternate covers 6..

Blu - ray Disc, BD (ағылш. blue ray — көк сәуле және disc - күй табақ; blu blue орнына әдейі) — көтеріңкі нығыздықпен жазба және цифрлық деректерді сақтау үшін пайдаланатын оптикалық тасығышының форматы, биік айқындықтың бейнесін қоса. Media in category Ultra HD Blu-ray The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total Ing Blu-ray Disc (BD), a ausan da mu namang Blu-ray, metung yang paralan ning pamag-simpan data king optical disc a midiseniu pa yang alilan ing standard DVD format. Ing pekamaulaga nang gamit, para king high-definition video, PlayStation 3 games, ampong aliwang data, a anggang 25 GB balang single layered, ampong 50 GB balang dual layered disc.. Ibat ya ing lagiung Blu-ray Disc king blue.

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Ratatouille was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on November 6, 2007. A Blu-ray/DVD Combo was later released on July 5, 2011. 1 Supplements 2 Chapter Index 3 Advertised on: 4 In Other Countries 5 Gallery Lifted Theatrical Short Your Friend the Rat All New Original Short Fine Food and Film: a Conversation With Brad Bird and Thomas Keller (13:53) Deleted Scenes Blu-ray Disc only: Gusteau's. Here is a list of the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! DVD and Blu-ray releases. 1 DVD 1.1 Volume 1 1.1.1 General Information 1.1.2 Episodes 1.1.3 Special Clips 1.2 Volume 2 1.2.1 General Information 1.2.2 Episodes 1.3 Volume 3 1.3.1 General Information 1.3.2 Episodes 1.3.3 Special Clips 1.4 Volume 4.. 1 Episodes 2 Content 2.1 Limited Edition Privilege 2.2 Common Store Purchase Privilege 2.2.1 Volume 1 2.2.2 All Volume 2.3 Separate Store Purchase Privilege 2.3.1 ANIPLEX+ 2.3.2 Animate 2.3.3 Amazon 2.3.4 Sofmap/Animega 2.3.5 Rakuten Books 2.3.6 Seven Net Shopping 2.3.7 Gamers 3 Gallery 4 References 5 Navigation 3: Sasha's True Intentions 4: 15th Birthday Jacket Illustration drawn by the. Blu-ray & DVD Volume 2 is the second volume for Season One of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun and is set to release on July 29, 2020. It consists of the seventh to twelfth episodes of the anime.1 1 Prices 2 Bonuses 3 Episodes 4 Limited Bonus 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Navigation The DVD totals to an..

Batman The Complete Animated Series (Blu-ray) is a high-definition Blu-ray release of all 109 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, as well as the feature length films Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. This release includes 25 featurettes - led by a 60+ minute Batman: The Animated Series making-of documentary, The Heart of Batman. Justice League - Season One is a Blu-ray release of the complete first season of Justice League. Episodes Secret Origins Secret Origins, Part II Secret Origins, Part III In Blackest Night In Blackest Night, Part II The Enemy Below The Enemy Below, Part II (includes audio commentary) Injustice For All Injustice For All, Part I 8Template:Home videoThe 4K Ultra Blu-ray format supports 4K resolution video, with a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. Each disc can carry up to 50 GB (Dual Layer) or 100 GB (Triple Layer), and like the Blu-ray Disc, as well as up to 32 audio tracks, and a whopping 255 subtitle tracks. The audio quality for 4K Ultra Blu-ray Discs can either be Dolby Digital, LPCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-ES. Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical buddy comedy film produced and directed by Phil Roman and released in Germany by Turner Pictures and in United States by Miramax Films and LIVE Entertainment. It is a feature-length film starring Tom and Jerry and their first and only one to receive a wide theatrical release. This also marked the duo's return to the silver screen.

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The Complete Series is the boxed set of Blu-ray Discs containing all sixty-one episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. 1 Discs 1.1 Book 1: Water 1.1.1 Disc 1 1.1.2 Disc 2 1.1.3 Disc 3 1.2 Book 2: Earth 1.2.1 Disc 1 1.2.2 Disc 2 1.2.3 Disc 3 1.3 Book 3: Fire 1.3.1 Disc 1 1.3.2 Disc 2 1.3.3 Disc 3 2 See also The Boy in the Iceberg The Avatar Returns The Southern Air Temple The Warriors of. The following is a series of lists detailing all commercial Blu-ray releases of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and related spin-off productions. 1 MST3K 1.1 Shout! Factory 1.1.1 Shout! Factory full season releases 1.1.2 Shout! Factory extras 1.2 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie 1.3 Additional 2 Mike Nelson commentaries 3 RiffTrax 3.1 RiffTrax Live! 3.2 Other releases 4 Other releases 4.1. DVDs and Blu-ray releases of Hitchcock Films select a film from the list below to see relevant DVD releases: 1920s : The Pleasure Garden , The Mountain Eagle , The Lodger , The Ring , Downhill , Champagne , Easy Virtue , The Farmer's Wife , The Manxman , Blackmai 1 Episodes 2 Content 2.1 Limited Edition Privilege 2.2 Common Store Purchase Privilege 2.2.1 Volume 1 2.2.2 All Volume 2.3 Separate Store Purchase Privilege 2.3.1 ANIPLEX+ 2.3.2 Animate 2.3.3 Amazon 2.3.4 Sofmap/Animega 2.3.5 Rakuten Books 2.3.6 Seven Net Shopping 2.3.7 Gamers 3 Gallery 4 References 5 Navigation Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Jacket Illustration drawn by the original. Blu-Ray releases of the 2016 adaptation are significant and valued, as they remove most of the censorship that is present in the broadcasted footage. In addition, the Special Edition covers of the box sets feature original designs illustrated and colored by Kentarou Miura himself. Contents

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  1. g the industry standard high-definition home entertainment format. Beginning in 2009, Fox began releasing 24 season sets on Blu-ray Disc in addition to DVD. To date, only Season 7, Season.
  2. This article contains a list of Stargate DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, a series of DVDs and Blu-rays relating to the Stargate franchise, including Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Infinity, Stargate Universe and the Stargate movies. 1 Stargate movies 2 Stargate SG-1 3 Stargate: Atlantis 4 Stargate Universe 5 Stargate Infinity 6 Press Kits Stargate Atlantis Press Kit Stargate SG-1 10th.
  3. This is the second Blu-ray of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Episode 7: Conqueror of Flames Episode 8: Inherited Will Episode 9: Attack of the Ogres Episode 10: The Orc Lord Episode 11: Gabiru is Here! Episode 12: The Gears Spin Out of Contro
  4. The Jaws Blu-ray DVD is the most up-to-date version of Jaws yet, and was released on August 14th, 2012. The film comes to Blu-ray for the first time ever featuring an all-new, digitally remastered and fully restored picture, as well as 7.1 surround sound, the JAWS Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD, Digital Copy (compatible with iTunes®, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch, Android or online retail.
  5. Rugrats: Seasons 1-9 are the Blu-ray versions of the DVD season sets of the eponymous Nicktoon; three sets spanning from its debut in August 1991 to its end thirteen years later. Unlike the DVDs, each disc features supplemental features, like audio commentaries, interviews, and behind-the-scenes material. 1 Seasons 1-3 1.1 Season 1, Part 1 (Disc 1) 1.2 Season 1, Part 2 (Disc 2) 1.3 Season 2.
  6. The Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Duel-1 Blu-ray& DVD promotional card is an Ultra Parallel Rare Sevens Road Mage. External links marv.jp Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Blu-ray& DVD Duel-1 (Japanese

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